Imagine if the life of an automobile was remiscientof the battle of Valkyries! You have the electirc behemoth of Tesla, their underdog rival, Ford Mustang’s Mach-E and a new contender. One of the eldest brands in the game. It’s name? Volkswagen. It’s destiny? Globally renewable domination. How will the VWContinue Reading


Renault is looking to catch up quickly now that many are purchasing the new Zoe. Unfortunately, the race can be won – but at what cost? Through the pandemic, one thing has been clear: The electric car industry is only speeding up. With multiple lines expecting to drop heavy hammersContinue Reading

ford bronco

The Ford Bronco is one of the hottest vehicles to hit the market in 2020. From its lifestyle-driven advertising to its rugged and historical design, the vehicle is selling fast. How fast? Well, it may take upwards of 18-months to get yours. Since the start of 2020, many were experiencingContinue Reading

july 4th cargo thefts

July 4th cargo thefts may spoil the holiday weekend for some truck drivers. While many workers across America prepare for a fun, relaxing weekend, drivers may need to watch out. Reports of stolen cargo between July 1 and July 7th has been on the rise in recent years. States suchContinue Reading

electric batteries

Electric batteries are one of the most costly parts of EVs. For decades, the automotive industry has developed ways to make power vehicles cheaper. The history of the electric EV dates back far further than we expect. In the early 1900s, EVs were developed alongside traditional ICE’s. Unfortunately, ICEs providedContinue Reading

tesla GT

The Tesla GT has been on the minds of many car buyers and fanatics. Since the debut of the electric car, Tesla has worked to increase performance far outweighing of traditional ICE’s. Well, now the world has gotten its first glimpse at the GT. With the Model S currently sportingContinue Reading


Gloves have been a staple in the fight against the global pandemic that is COVID-19. For many, the use of hand sanitizer and constant hand washing has helped to reduce the spread of the disease. While many are doing this, to help stop the disease, many are also throwing theirContinue Reading