Auto manufacturer Geely plans to launch a new premium EV brand called Zeekr in China. Zeekr will exist as a separate brand and marketing strategy under the Geely umbrella. The automaker reportedly hopes to develop premium vehicles like Mercedes-Benz to compete with the likes of Tesla. Geely is a multinational automotive manufacturerContinue Reading


You remember when certain pick-up trucks would compete to see which was strongest? Well, that’s still happening to this day. Except Ford is the old timer beating the new kid on the block. The movement that calls for pickups to be electrified is particularly fascinating when considering 2.9 million pickupsContinue Reading

Hummer EV

Did you hear about the Hummer EV that only sold out in 10 minutes? It’s pretty unbelievable. The price tag tops $100,000, as the automaker is getting ready for winter testing. Edition 1 is likely to have a starting price of $112,595 actually. It was made in GM’s Factory ZEROContinue Reading