Virginia Beach, VA – Drive-ins are becoming a hot-take for families and communities. As the country is still fighting its war with COVID-19 many are looking to get out of the house. Unfortunately, with bars closed, restaurants providing only deliveries, and movie theaters shutting their doors, there doesn’t seem likeContinue Reading


President Trump and his administration are demanding that schools across America re-open for in-person lessons in Fall. To ensure that their wishes are met, they have enacted a two-fold plan. Firstly, they threatened to withhold federal funding from schools that refuse to re-open. Secondly, they warned that they will sendContinue Reading

property damage

Virginia Beach, VA – Protests report no property damage as concerned residents continue protesting in the city over the death of George Floyd – an unarmed African American who was killed while being detained by Minneapolis PD. The city itself has had a relatively easy time working with protesters andContinue Reading


The outbreak of covid-19 throughout the country slammed individuals with unforeseen financial consequences. Millions applied for unemployment over the past 2 months. An astounding 10 percent of the American workforce remains unemployed during the pandemic. As a result, many worry about paying rent. In response to those fears, a newContinue Reading


A harrowing ordeal ended after firefighters rescued a trucker whose cab dangled over the edge of a bridge, balanced precariously by its trailer. The incident took place on Monday, April 13. Wayne Boone, a Suffolk, Virginia resident, drove amidst a powerful windstorm. He traveled westbound on Interstate 64. Then, atContinue Reading

hotel rooms

In response to the growing threat of covid-19, officials in Virginia Beach acted to protect the city’s homeless by housing at-risk individuals in hotel rooms. In total, they offered 46 rooms in an attempt to stem the spread of the coronavirus through the homeless population. Those without homes are atContinue Reading

governor northam

In an update to Virginia residents, Governor Northam addressed measures taken by the state to combat the spread of the novel coronavirus. While not issuing any executive orders, Governor Northam made several recommendations. Foremost, he told the public to abstain from gatherings exceeding 10 people. The guideline follows statements madeContinue Reading

wind farm

Image by F. Hermann and S. Richter A proposed wind farm for the Outer Banks requires grid connections most likely stationed in Virginia Beach. As a result, the city stands to gain nearly 10,000 jobs from the wind farm. Plans identify Kitty Hawk in North Carolina as the site forContinue Reading


Virginia state lawmakers displayed a willingness to reverse the state’s historic ban on casinos in a committee vote Tuesday. The legislation advanced by the senate committee proposes local referendums for 5 cities in Virginia to choose whether or not to permit casinos to open there. The 5 cities consist ofContinue Reading

mass shooting

A pair of Virginia Beach delegates call for an investigation on the state level of the mass shooting that took place last year in their hometown. It would be the third investigation, though it would be the first at a state level. The mass shooting took place in May ofContinue Reading