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Our History: Virginia Beach Auto Transport started as a family company way back in 2006. At the time we were just a modest operation with big plans. Now, all these years later, our big plans have been realized, and we’re a thriving company.


During our humble beginnings, we were relegated to shipping cars locally. With just a few carriers working on our behalf that was the biggest area ywe were capable of covering. Plus, our offices were based in a garage. Yes, we’ve come a long way from those cramped and dusty roots!

Even back then, however, we were driven to be the best. That single engine is what makes this company go! And soon enough, demand started to grow which meant the business started to grow. As a result, we started adding new services to better serve our clientele. We also improved upon our existing services.

With a larger portfolio of services and a more streamlined operation overall, our customer base doubled. Plus, our original customers kept coming back. Pretty soon business was booming.

Our History: At this point we had to take a strategic next step. This meant hiring more people and securing a large office space. However, this phase wasn’t just about getting bigger, it was about finding the right people to meet our growth. We sought out the best people who possessed excellent customer service skills.

Now, here we are today, a thriving business with an always growing but still first-rate staff. Virginia Beach Auto Transport is a leader in the industry by always being one-step ahead of the competition. We also offer nothing but the finest auto transport service around.

Don’t hesitate to contact us today! We’ll answer any and all of our questions regarding car shipping.