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All About FMCSA’s New Testing Process

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The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration proposed a new rule. This happened on June 27. Specifically, it was billed as a “deregulatory action”.

Essentially, this new rule plans to streamline the testing process. Furthermore, this is for anyone who may be a prospective CDL carrier. This would work by letting the same person train and test.

The claim is that this will provide more flexibility. Specifically, in skill tests for individuals who want to obtain a CDL.

FMCSA said in a press release, “The proposal would alleviate testing delays and eliminate needless inconvenience and expense to the CDL applicant— without compromising safety”.

Currently, federal rules don’t allow a CDL skills instructor to perform instruction and qualifying testing.

Therefore, the new rule would get rid of this restriction.

Also, the rule allows states to permit “qualified third-party skills trainers” to conduct the skills test. 

FMCSA Administrator Ray Martinez added more information in a news release. “We continue to examine opportunities to provide common-sense regulatory relief to states and to individuals seeking to obtain a CDL”.

He added, “This proposal will provide states more flexibility, while maintaining safety on our roadways. I encourage all interested parties to review the proposal and to offer their comments to the docket.”

Soon, the proposal will be registered publicly. Then, it will be open to 60 days of public comment.

FMCSA has also provided information on how to submit comments on its website.

This is the final rule on national minimum training standards, previously announced in December.

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