Members of the Virginia Beach Housing & Neighborhood Preservation are seeking to help eligible, local homeowners replace their defective HVAC equipment through a new program. The Owner-Occupied Rehabilitation Program aims to help make home rehabilitation more affordable for low to moderate-income homeowners in the city. Through the program, loans andContinue Reading


Ferrari is debuting a LaFerrari model in November. Particularly in an upcoming auction. From one of every LaFerrari models, there is four hundred ninety-nine units. Firstly, this one LaFerrari enters in a very particular designation of color. A wine-colored purple, aptly titled “Vinaccia.” Secondly, combine this with an interior shadedContinue Reading


Pagani has been working on the Huayra since Feburary 2011. This was to be the next-in-line for the Zonda. Yet, there’s something distinctly different between the manual transmissions of the AMG-sourced V-12 in different models. When you see the power rise, there has been plenty of argument that driver involvementContinue Reading

A Chrysler transmission is a class-action lawsuit alleging defective Jatco JF011E transmissions. Moreover, they are containing in the 2010-2013 Jeep Patriot, the 2010-2013 Jeep Compass, and the 2010-2012 Dodge Caliber. There is allegedly violent jerking, juddering, and shuddering in the Jatco JF011E in continuously variable transmissions (CVTs). The CVT isContinue Reading

Chrysler is creating the most modernly-classy version of the Chrysler that they can ever possibly create, in this year. All situations being a given, this vehicle has a prowess to it that smells best when starting strong for rear-wheel-drive competition. The 300 S isn’t designed like other Chryslers. It mightContinue Reading


The American Automaker is making the impossible possible. Creating a gas out of electric vehicles so that buyers could be better convinced that purchasing electric vehicles is truly the way to go. I’ll admit, this wouldn’t be my first choice in marketing electric cars to folks who just haven’t jumpedContinue Reading