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Brush Fires Pose Threat in Albemarle County

You are currently viewing Brush Fires Pose Threat in Albemarle County
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Brush fires have sparked concerns in Albemarle County, Virginia, as emergency crews rush to respond to multiple incidents in the greater-Charlottesville area. On Wednesday, March 20, career and volunteer units were deployed to tackle around 10 active brush fires of various sizes across the county, alongside numerous calls for smoke investigations. Unfortunately, three outbuildings have already been engulfed in flames, and several other structures remain under threat from uncontained fires. As of now, the exact acreage affected and the containment status are still unknown.

The neighboring Greene County Office of Emergency Services also reported similar incidents, with fire units addressing brush fires and fallen trees throughout their jurisdiction. This widespread occurrence is alarming, particularly considering the prevailing dry and windy conditions, prompting Albemarle County Fire Rescue to issue a Red Flag Warning for the day.

Authorities stress the importance of caution for all travelers, especially during the afternoon and evening hours, advising them to be prepared to yield to emergency vehicles and those operated by the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT). Additionally, both Albemarle and Madison counties have declared local emergencies in response to the escalating situation.

In a particular area, Louisa Fire & EMS is actively combating a significant blaze near West Old Mountain Road and Yanceyville Road. Residents in this vicinity are urged to evacuate their homes immediately for their safety until further notice. Furthermore, Louisa County has declared a state of emergency and is mobilizing resources to establish Emergency Operations Centers and shelters for evacuees. Individuals requiring assistance with evacuation are encouraged to reach out to (540) 967-3496 for support.

A spokesperson for Louisa Fire & EMS emphasized, “We are addressing multiple areas of concern across the County this afternoon.” They also provided assurance that updates would be forthcoming as the emergency unfolds.

In summary, the outbreak of brush fires in Albemarle County presents a significant hazard to both property and lives. The collaboration of emergency services and the proactive measures undertaken by neighboring counties underscore the severity of the situation. Residents are urged to remain vigilant, adhere to safety instructions, and stay informed through official channels as authorities work tirelessly to contain and mitigate the ongoing emergency.

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