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Buick Talks About The Envista Compact SUV Heading To America

You are currently viewing Buick Talks About The Envista Compact SUV Heading To America
No better "vista" than the Buick Envista.
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Buick, being big as they are in the USA, are even bigger in China. It’s there that anyone could tell you that Buick knows how to move automobiles. In China, Buick sells so many different types of autos. From hatchbacks and sedans to minivans and more. Whereas, the USA had showed off about three distinct crossover models. But a new one is about to grace the states. It’s a kindhearted addition for the brand’s U.S. lineup, with Buick having trademarked the Envista name on this side of the world.

The Envista is good at fitting in 182.6 inches long with even a 106.3-inch wheelbase. The Envista is tight in between the subcompact Encore GX and the compact Envision in regards of size. It allows for a sloping rear roofline that is similar to SUV coupes that are totally in existence for the luxury-crossover space.

What’s fascinating about the Buick Envista is that it is displayed with a pair of slim headlights and a sharp angle, all while involving a low-mount grille, as the beginning models to show off the newest design language seen on the Wildcat concept from earlier on in the year, with Buick’s new badge.

What else is fun about the Buick Envista?

Well, it had a turbocharged 1.5-liter inline-four with 181 horsepower, in addition to a CVAT. Crazy to see that on a compact SUV. Within the inside, the Envista uses a dashboard to show off about two 10.3-inch screens. There’s one for the digital gauge cluster, as well as one with service as the central infotainment touchscreen, while apple carplay has been available, in addition to over-the-air updates with a surround-sound audio system.

Buick believes that the Envista may very well be as close to the rate of $22,000 for the modern-day exchange rates, while orders stay open in China. There’s a likelihood General Motors will make it known when they’ll bring in the Buick Envista to the states.

Buick Envista is not even fully-electric or even partially-electrified. The Envista uses a 1.5-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine, in order to create 181 horsepower with around 184 lb-feet of torque. The engine itself is mated to a chain-driving CVT. All while the SUV can reach about 36 miles per gallon. (WLTC standards in particular.)

It appears the engine has a limited time to appear on the Envista however, with the biggest likelihood being that electric vehicles are about to take over in the future.

The SUV itself is a lovechild of both American and Chinese engineers from the joint company of SAIC-GM. This was released at first on the Chinese market in August. Evista sells in China along with the Envista GX.

That of which also shows off new styling upgrades with nice interior. What’s incredible is that the GX designation holds around the corner in the United States for the Encore GX, while it’s unclear that the name could go over for the Envista in the states.

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