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Cars That Are Still Kicking, Despite A Loss Of Relevance

You are currently viewing Cars That Are Still Kicking, Despite A Loss Of Relevance
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Even with such pedestrian knowledge, we all know our Dodge Chargers, our Volkswagen Beetles, our BMW i4s and so on. So where does it become vaguer when we hear about a model that costs so little and reminds you of much less than essentially the LeBron James’ and Steph Currys’ of the automotive industry? Here’s a little peek at which cars still happen to be kicking, high-gear or not.

First of the castaway cars: Mazda Miata

The vehicle is relatively an unsung hero who has the lower amounts of gas to guzzle. Additionally, it’s one of those sporty coupes that runs on a manual transmission.

Chevy Camaro

If you’ve been paying attention lately, the Camaro isn’t quite the muscle car it was souped up to be in the late 00s early 2010s. Furthermore, the vehicle is still visually tasteful for grease-monkeys on a budget.

Ford Ecosport

What about this car makes it the odd one out of the Ford lineup? Might be the compact crossover idea. It has a strange usage of fuel economy but it still is an okay car to gift your next-of-kin.

Chrysler 300

This vehicle has a luxury style to it as it drives with the spirit of V8 sedans while also giving off an essence of diet Hellcats.

Subaru Legacy

They may be a little unpopular, but an uptick of sales over 5% is still saying something about the less popular brother of virtually any other Subaru model.

Have you thought about the Nissan GT-R? It’s one of those racing cars!

Certainly more of a performance vehicle than anything, this was one of the cars that had a crazy price increase out of nowhere. At one point, the Nissan GT-R had barely been five figures. Now it’s comfortably sitting in six figures. Only 49 of them had been sold in Q1 for 2021. Maybe not everyone deserves them.

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