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Chrysler Transmission Class Action Lawsuit Says CVTS Defective

You are currently viewing Chrysler Transmission Class Action Lawsuit Says CVTS Defective
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A Chrysler transmission is a class-action lawsuit alleging defective Jatco JF011E transmissions. Moreover, they are containing in the 2010-2013 Jeep Patriot, the 2010-2013 Jeep Compass, and the 2010-2012 Dodge Caliber.

There is allegedly violent jerking, juddering, and shuddering in the Jatco JF011E in continuously variable transmissions (CVTs).

The CVT is going to allegedly cause the vehicle to lag. Then fail to accelerate when a driver does try to accelerate. The transmissions are, in fact, according to the class action, prone to overheat. Then, as a result, quickly decelerate, and, moreover, lose power while driving.

Chrysler Transmission Failures and other CVT Problems

Moreover, Chrysler has allegedly concealed the transmission failures. As well as other CVT problems. This is by issuing technical service bulletins to dealerships, but not directly to the vehicle owners.

In October 2012, California Plaintiff Steve Zuehlsdorf says he purchased a 2012 Jeep Compass, a vehicle he still drives today.

Motion to Dismiss the Class Action Lawsuit

In fact, the FCA is arguing the entire lawsuit should be tossed based on multiple points.

The automaker says since he purchasing his Jeep in 2012, the plaintiff has experienced only two cases where his transmission overheating.

The first occasion was in 2014 when a Chrysler dealership repaired the problem. It was done for free after the plaintiff requested the repair. FCA says the other time a problem occurred, in 2018, the plaintiff didn’t request any repairs.

Chrysler said based on the plaintiff’s own arguments, his Jeep Compass operates the same today as it did when he drove it off the lot about nine years ago. This is allegedly why he continues to drive the vehicle.

He also has received free repairs when he requesting them in 2014, and since then, he has allegedly never requested any transmission repairs.

The First Jatco JF011E Transmission Incident

In August 2014, the plaintiff says it was the first time the transmission did overheat. At the time, the vehicle had about 20,000 miles on it. Then, Chrysler did say the plaintiff was driving uphill in 100-degree heat. It was on an extended uphill slope on the highway between Los Angeles and Las Vegas.

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