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Citroen Ami Has An Electric Car That Looks Like A Military Vehicle

You are currently viewing Citroen Ami Has An Electric Car That Looks Like A Military Vehicle
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The electric car is looking like it’s becoming war-torn. The Citroen is pretty strong looking if it’s so small and tight. The vehicle isn’t super-strong either. It’s just funny looking for sure. The Citroen in question is the Ami vehicle. The car being a military unit though is pretty ridiculous in a sense. Why would the micro-car itself look like it needs to be tough and powerful? Because it works for the French Army. The Army is going into battle with voiturettes. The idea of the Amis bringing the French into the cargo airbase. These are entirely similar to the Ami 28-miles-per-hour. The 45-mile range also comes with a three-hour charge time.

The Citroen Ami is pretty committed towards a weatherproof look. That would be essentially as similar to Infantry Squad Vehicles. There’s also a small sluggish mono-wiper vehicle. There is nothing to be jealous of when the Ami is appearing awesome as a mil-spec flat-blue steel pair of wheels.

When and if this experiment works, you better believe that the French folk will be bringing in even more of these Citroens by the dozens. You always have to be careful with these sort of vehicles. You wonder if they can be used for actual good or will the French military abuse their small but mighty power? It just makes sense that there is an electric vehicle power to it. In addition, there is a mono-wiper that makes absolutely no sense. Citroen Ami is becoming a compatible means of operating with electric micro-car power.

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