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City Employees Are Impeded From Running For Mayor And City Council

You are currently viewing City Employees Are Impeded From Running For Mayor And City Council
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One council member is speaking out about the rights of city employees. Furthermore, whether they’re capable to run for mayor or city council. In which case, you see that he has added an item. This being on the proposed 2022 legislative agenda for General Assembly. From what’s pretty well known, the council is looking to vote on the legislative agenda this upcoming Tuesday. A Council member, Rocky Holcomb, works as a chief deputy at the Sheriff’s Office. In which case, he’s not quite cool. All about the idea of candidates ceasing from running in the race for further public office.

At a City Council Workshop, Holcomb says the item itself is “an indictment.” Should it pass, 17,000 city employees will be hit hard. “We can tell our public safety employees that they can run in and save our lives, but they can’t do this. It’s underestimating, it’s marginalizing and undervaluing them.”

With such a request, the idea of amending the state law would not allow city employees to run for office.

The only reason Aaron Rouse, the guy who wants to sponsor such an item, is even considering it for rationale. It’s out of concern that he’s been hearing from the community regarding potential conflict of interests. Furthermore, there’s nothing personal versus Holcomb or any other specific individual of the city government.

As it stands, the city council is appropriating money for departments of constitutional officers while funding the school board’s budget. The council members have to abstain from a vote while undergoing a conflict of interest while also disclosing the rationale why. In such a scenario, the city attorney is able to provide advice.

Additional items in the legislative agenda includes term limits on the city council, adding a fourth member to the Board of Equalization and increasing the cap for civil case filings from $4 to $7 in order to support the law library.

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