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Auction Auto Transport

Let’s face it, it’s not always easy to locate the exact car you want. Plus, sometimes you can track down your dream car, but it’s not at a reasonable price point. Car auctions offer an excellent solution to both of these issues. You can both save money and oftentimes find the elusive model or color of car you want that the dealer just doesn’t have.


Auctions are also a great place to locate unique, rare, exotic, or luxury vehicles to add to your collection. The one glaring inconvenience with car auctions is they happen all over the country and may not be near your home. So what if you land your dream car, but it’s halfway across the country?

You definitely don’t want to immediately put a bunch of miles on your exotic car by driving it back home. Think of all the wear and tear it’ll accrue on a long distance haul like that. Don’t worry, Virginia Beach Auto Transport has you covered.

Auction Auto Transport with Virginia Beach Auto Transport

Virginia Beach Auto Transport is happy to deliver your vehicle across the country with one of our transport trucks. Our company is equipped to pick up your car from anywhere in the US and bring it back to you. Plus, we offer two methods of shipping: Open Car Transport and Enclosed Car Transport. This way your prized vehicle will be properly taken care of until it gets to you. Even better, we’ll ship it at a reasonable price. After all, you just spent a bunch on your dream car, you don’t pay too much for car shipping.

If you happen to run a car auction, we can also work directly with you. In fact, we can find a rate that makes sense so all of your customers can be supplied with first-rate car shipping. We already work with a number of dealers all over the country. We ship cars every day to new owners who bought them at auctions.

If interested in getting top of the line Auction Auto Transport, contact us today! Our agents are friendly and informative, and they’re ready to tackle your questions.