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Dealer Car Transport

Dealer Car Transport is a super convenient service. After all, do you really want to drive your brand new car across the country after just purchasing it? Probably not. That’s why Dealer Car Transport is an appealing option.


We supply car transport from dealers to anywhere in the country. So, if you purchase a car in Arizona, and need it in Philadelphia as soon as possible, we can make it happen. In fact, we’re eager to eliminate this headache for you. We’ll get your car from the dealer location to your home with minimal fuss.

We’ve partnered with dealers across the US, so there is no unforeseen complications in handling this transport.

If you’re asking yourself how often is Dealer Car Transport utilized? The answer is frequently. People have very specific tastes so when the car they want isn’t available in the color or exact model at their local dealer, they buy from an out of state one. The only rub is, they have to get it back home. Dealer Car Transport eliminates the need to fly to the location and drive it back. This service is about convenience and saving your precious time.

Virginia Beach Auto Transport

At Virginia Beach Auto Transport our number one priority is providing excellent customer service. How do we do that? Well, one way is by always going above and beyond. That’s why we’ll transport your brand new car to anywhere in the US. The best part is, we go these lengths at a reasonable cost.

Our carriers are experienced with any type of vehicle including vans, boats, trailers, motorcycles, golf carts, and the list goes on. Trust us, we’ll get your new prized vehicle to you safely and at the appointed time.

There’s more good news. When you enlist us to do your dealer car transport, we provide door-to-door shipping. This means will get it as close to your desired location within the limits of the law.

Plus, if your car is a luxury or rare vehicle we’re happy to provide enclosed auto shipping. This choice is slightly more expensive but offers an extra level of protection. Rest assured, we’ll make certain your precious new vehicle gets to you safe and sound, AND on time.

Contact us at Virginia Beach Auto Transport. We’re happy to answer any of your questions!