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Military Equipment Shipping

Virginia Beach Auto Transport not only provides military vehicle shipping, we also handle Military Equipment Shipping. We can ship all types of military equipment. Plus, we’ll transport them to any place on the US map. This type of equipment is unique and takes specialized knowledge to expertly deal with the heavy duty loading and unloading.


Luckily, Virginia Beach Auto Transport is equipped with staff who can handle this special kind of freight. Not all companies have employees who have this expertise, but at our company, we’ve performed thousands of these jobs. We’ve got plenty of people trained and ready to handle these assignments.

Contact us today and of our experienced agents will go over all the details! They’ll map out the best attack plan for your shipment.

Virginia Beach Auto Transport Military Equipment Shipping

We’ve got years of expertise moving vehicles and heavy equipment. We’re the company best suited to tackle your military equipment job. This kind of duty is best not left to the inexperienced so don’t trust anybody else with it. We’ll get it done safely and efficiently.

We’re able to ship all of these vehicles:

  • Terrain Vehicle
  • Husky Vehicle
  • Buffalo Mine Protected
  • Route Clearance Vehicle
  • Tank and Fighting Vehicle
  • Support Vehicle
  • Joint Light Armored Vehicle
  • AAV7 Amphibious Assault Vehicle
  • M88A2 Hercules
  • Recovery Vehicle
  • MIA2 Abrams Main Battle Tank

If you’ve got equipment that needs to be shipped, don’t waste time looking around, trust the pros. Virginia Beach Auto Transport has trained professionals who work with heavy duty equipment every single day.

Contact us and one of our expert agents will take of all your military equipment transport needs!