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COVID Quarantine Eliminated For High School Students

You are currently viewing COVID Quarantine Eliminated For High School Students
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The public school district for the city has made it known that they are changing the rules when it comes to their COVID quarantine policy. This would essentially mean that as of Monday, high school students with a positive result of COVID-19 would not have to be quarantined.

Of course, there are officials who believe that the Virginia Beach folks would be led to this decision. In which case they would also have to reduce quarantine time from fourteen to ten days. Of course, according to the CDC and their decision-making. However, there no additional cases in the buildings. The data shows that it’s becoming a lot less in high schools versus middle and elementary schools.

Typically there are about less than four positive cases at elementary levels. Sometimes, in middle schools, there is about one extra case for every time that you see ten cases.

The local district school epidemiologist, Joshilyn Binkley, has made it known that “Less than 1% of everyone who has an exposure in the school goes on to test positive it’s actually only .07% so a very low rate.” Binkley goes on to say “We think that can largely be attributed to the large vaccination rate among this group in Virginia Beach — it’s over 60%.”

Currently over 800 students missed class because of the virus itself. As a result, it costed a lot in students’ academics.

Don Robertson, the Chief Of Staff for VBPS says that “Those individuals were missing on average five days of in-person instruction. When students are attending school and involved with their peers and doing things like that they’re much more happy.”

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