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“Crime Suppression Squad” Catches Crime As It Happens

You are currently viewing “Crime Suppression Squad” Catches Crime As It Happens
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The local police department has happened to show some initiative. In which case I mean they do so with a Crime Suppression Squad – they have the best means of protecting the community with their measures. What they have been doing for the past 18 months has involved tracking break-ins as well as theft.

In which case, the Crime Suppression Squad is usually very specific about problems. This is to handle it well under the direction of the Captain. According to Lieutenant Wesseler, they “utilize evidence from the crime analysts to have a statistic-driven approach on what kind of items or crime trends they should address.”

Over the past several months, Wesseler asserts that few officers from the squad would track evidence from the burglaries. In the case of a individual culprit wreaking havoc all over the Great Neck area, there’s definitely a red herring in all of this. The suspect, as of a result, turned out to be a 39-year-old Christopher Williams.

As it turns out, they tracked Williams down to the Ensenada Mexican Restaurant, upon Virginia Beach Boulevard. Seargant Travis Aicher reports that Williams had been un, red-handed. He was breaking into the business. In which he was caught and taken into custody.

Furthemore, one might notice is that Williams has been accused of several crimes. These being similar to that of breaking in and stealing from Virginia Beach Nutrition Corner. London Bridge Boot as well as Shoe Repair. There is also the A2Z Golf Outlet Inc. That’s for sure.

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