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DEA busts large cocaine deal

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VIRGINIA BEACH, Virginia – Virginia Beach police officers ended a large cocaine deal. Specifically, the incident occurred on Tuesday night.

Additionally, the event took place in front of a Virginia Beach Walmart. There, officials took part in a federal drug bust.

Furthermore, officials arrested three suspects as a result of the bust. Specifically, the three suspects planned to buy 10 kilograms of cocaine from sellers in exchange for $280,000.

Officials provided details on the case in official court documents. Moreover, the documents claim that the drug bust ended in gunfire and more than one injury.

Specifically, the incident occurred on Phoenix Drive. Additionally, it happened near Lynnhaven Mall.

Officials identified the three suspects as Deyvis Vizcaino, 42, of New York, Jose Isaola, 28, of Georgia and McAllen Mathurin, 49, of Norfolk. Furthermore, all three men appeared in Virginia Beach General District Court on Thursday morning.

A witness on the scene reported, “There was a lot of chaos. Customers didn’t know what was going on.”

The Court set a preliminary hearing for August 23.

Currently, the three suspects are sitting in Virginia Beach County Jail. Furthermore, officials are holding them without bail.

First, Mathurin will have his bond hearing on Monday. Mathurin owns a soul food restaurant in Norfolk called 1stBite.

Special Agent Heath Anderson with the DEA provided little details about what exactly happened. However, he did say that DEA task force members walked up to a car. Then, the driver of that car attempted to drive off. Unfortunately, the car hit multiple other cars, officers, and a civilian.

However, officials were able to stop the melee. Then, they arrested the three men. All three are charged with conspiracy to distribute cocaine.

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