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Democrats Attack Republicans In New Ad Against Pro-Life Stance

You are currently viewing Democrats Attack Republicans In New Ad Against Pro-Life Stance
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Virginia House Democrats are pretty angry at the very idea that Republicans keep pushing on the agenda of having a pro-life perspective that just quite doesn’t make sense. Which is why they’re trying to get a  jump ahead of influencing the general public of Virginia.

Recently, the caucus had been able to show off a new ad on Wednesday that would show way to many abortion bans that had themselves been passed in near states like Tennessee and West Virginia as a preview of what is likely to occur in Virginia.

The abortion bans that have been happening from Southern states are starting to spread up north, as it applies to a width of Make America Great Again Republicans.

The new ad arrived ahead of an important election where it would be early on ahead of crucial elections upon November 7th, during which there would be control of the Virginia General Assembly can be threatened.

House Democrats themselves said that the campaign is going to show ads to affect early-bird voting which is known to be a key issue happening for both parties.

The Beginning ad is entirely dependent on comments from John Stirrup, known as a Republican who would run for the House of Delegates who have mentioned it would be in favor would show a 100% ban upon abortion from a recording that had been obtained.

The 15-week ban that had been supported by Governor Glenn Youngkin, the Republican, as well as multiple other Virginia Republicans who have shown support as it was passed into law. The Democrats and the Virginia Senate majority are looking into.

At the Spirit of Virginia PAC, the chairman, David Rexrode believes that there would be no point.

Virginia, as of recent, does allow for abortions, up until the end of second trimester of pregnancy, as it’s all during the third of three doctors and end the pregnancy as it would end up the mother’s death, as it may hurt the physical health of the woman.

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