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Dome Site Project Costs are Rising, Some Design Plans Changed

You are currently viewing Dome Site Project Costs are Rising, Some Design Plans Changed
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New Dome site project near the Oceanfront is going to be more expensive to build than originally planned, said city leaders.

Dome Site Project – Surf Park and Entertainment Complex

In 2019, the city council members in Virginia Beach approved a surf park and entertainment complex. However, new city documents do in fact show the COVID-19 pandemic changed some of the design plans. Therefore, construction costs also rose.

GRAMMY-Award winning singer, songwriter, record producer, fashion designer, and entrepreneur Pharrell Williams has joined Venture Realty Group to back the project and its development. Williams is also a native of Virginia Beach, Virginia.

Dome Site Project: City Council Re-Designation of Funds

On Tuesday, the Virginia Beach City Council is poised to vote on moving the more than $9.2 million from Resort Area and Dome Site parking projects to cover new construction costs for the upcoming live entertainment venue.

“We want to help the community. Therefore, you have to look at what is indeed going to come out of it. This will make us stronger and more viable, thereby strengthening our economy,” said John Hilgers, superintendent for Taylor Construction.

A contractor that is renovating a building across the street from the proposed live entertainment venue site, Hilgers, said he expects construction to be more expensive. This is because of the pandemic. Though, he is excited about the upcoming projects and moreover their long-term impacts. Yet is also concerning about the escalating development costs.

Future is Uncertain About the Live Entertainment Venue

“This is a difficult question. How do you answer it? This is because my tax money goes to many different things,” Hilgers said. “Can it bring in tax revenue? Will it lighten the burden for us? Fantastic. Moreover, will it put the [the city] in a position where we don’t want it to be? Unfortunately, I don’t know.”

Expanding the Outdoor Space, Lawn Area

The Dome Site project designers expanded the outdoor space and lawn area in fact to the COVID-19 pandemic. This project added $1.25 million to the projected cost.

In addition, Dome Site project designers expanded the outdoor space and lawn area, which added $1.25 million to the projected cost, according to a Virginia Beach project update.

Moreover, designers have also increased the size of the music hall complex. Moreover, this went from an initially believed estimated 50,000 square feet to 72,166 square feet. Therefore, the city leaders assigned to expansions of the mezzanine and balcony levels.

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