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Drive-Ins Become More Popular For Residents During COVID-19

You are currently viewing Drive-Ins Become More Popular For Residents During COVID-19
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Virginia Beach, VA – Drive-ins are becoming a hot-take for families and communities.

As the country is still fighting its war with COVID-19 many are looking to get out of the house. Unfortunately, with bars closed, restaurants providing only deliveries, and movie theaters shutting their doors, there doesn’t seem like a lot of places for people to gather (which is the point).

While many are searching for the next spot to hang outin, drive-ins have become a major focal point for friends and families. The idea is simple. These events can gather people all within the confines of their cars.

For cars – they have received the best response. The car provides the adequate safety precautions for families and friends.

Drive-Ins Pick Up Speed

While many large-scale movie theaters are closing their doors, they can still bring people in if they have the adequate space for an event. Among theaters, towns are putting together events that cater to safe distancing while still employing entertainment. Many high-school football fields are being converted to handle large, socially distant crowds.

The results can be seen across the country. While theaters aren’t screening new releases due to the shut-down, they can offer a variety of movies to see on the big screen. From classics like Jaws to more recent films like The Incredibles, the theater offers a large range of films.

Food services are also available. So don’t worry about not having your large tub of popcorn while you sit through the trailers.

As the country continues to battle COVID-19 there have been ways to implement older strategies. Sometimes looking back, we can see that there are measures to provide entertainment for the sake of being safe.

As businesses continue to close, others avenues are opening up. Will the Drive-in make a perfect comeback? It depends on how long the virus is here with us.

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