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Electric Batteries Now Drive 1 Million Miles

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Electric batteries are one of the most costly parts of EVs. For decades, the automotive industry has developed ways to make power vehicles cheaper.

The history of the electric EV dates back far further than we expect. In the early 1900s, EVs were developed alongside traditional ICE’s. Unfortunately, ICEs provided longer mileage, did not take as long to refuel, and could generate more power making the car drive faster.

If you asked GM, or even Toyota 10 years ago if these were the same problems, they would answer “yes.

If you asked Tesla today – they would say “no.

With technology rapidly adapting to fit consumer needs, not one industry has moved as quickly as Tesla. By combining the technological efforts of a high-tech company with the engineering feats of one of the greatest automotive manufacturers in the world, electric batteries now have the potential to drive up to 1 million miles.

Electric Batteries Revolutionize Automotive

Electric cars have have taken a hit due to COVID-19 but their efforts behind the scenes have shown that they are ready for the industry to bounce back. Elon Musk has been working extensively with Chinese battery manufacturers to develop cost-effective and longer range batteries.

One method is by removing cobalt from the battery. the materials acts to protect the casing from corroding. This is one of the most costly parts to the battery and ads to the entry point in owning one.

For the emerging industry, they have had a lot to deal with this year. Fighting off COVID-19 has led to a drastic decrease in sales. On top of that, COVID-19 has also affected the oil industry. With limited people driving, the price of gas has dropped. This drop has stemmed from the economic impact that many consumers face.

Tesla has this figured out. by moving to the Chinese markets, he has been able to produce vehicles more cost-effectively. This has helped to return consumers back to electricity.

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