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How do I pay for my car shipping services?

You’re not required to pay for the services up front. At Virginia Beach Auto Transport to secure your reservation, we ask that you pay a portion of the total cost with a credit card. The remainder of the balance must be paid to your driver at the time of delivery. This amount can be paid in cash, cashier check, or money order.


What is the standard price for car shipping?

We craft car shipments to meet the individual’s needs. Consequently, the total cost will vary depending on the type of vehicle you’re shipping. We factor in things like size, make, model, year, and a vehicle’s condition. We also account for the origin and final destination of the shipment. Finally, weather and other seasonal factors will impact the cost.

As a general rule, shipping a four-door sedan from the East Coast to the West Coast will run between $600 and $1000. Naturally, a larger vehicle, like a van, truck, or SUV will cost somewhere between $800 and $1070. However, we do provide a price-beat guarantee which guarantees that you’ll be paying a fair price. With this policy we encourage you to bring in any lower quotes, and we’ll do our best to match.

What is the most affordable mode of car transport with Virginia Beach Auto Transport?

Open Car Transport is the most common form of car transport and the cheapest. Enclosed Car Transport provides a more controlled, safer environment but is priced significantly higher, depending on the make and model, etcetera…

Again, the price, whether Open or Enclosed Transport, will be affected by the location, weather, and traffic conditions along the route. A good illustration of this point is that it’s cheaper to ship your vehicle to big cities or more populated areas. Shipping vehicles to remote or rural areas requires more time and fuel. Consequently, this will raise the pricing on the services.

FAQ: How long will you honor my quote?

Virginia Beach Auto Transport will honor the quote we provided, no matter if by phone or online, for 14 days. Contact us today and will get you a personal quote and get you going on the process of transporting your car!

Insurance & Personal Items:

Can I also include personal items in the shipping of my car?

Virginia Beach Auto Transport provides a 100 pounds of extra space in the truck so that you can pack additional personal stuff. If you’re itching to ship more than the allotted 100 lbs, you’ll have to consult with a customer service representative. Undoubtedly, it will impact overall pricing.

Is my car covered by insurance during the trip?

Absolutely. Your vehicle will be covered throughout the shipping journey. Don’t fret, any damages will be insured.

What about personal assets, are they covered?

No. The insurance policy we use only covers the automobile. Consequently, our drivers are in no way responsible for non-vehicle related items. Use your own discretion when including your personal items in the cargo.

Whose Insurance is responsible for any vehicle damage?

Virginia Beach Auto Transport insures your vehicle during its transport journey. In no way will you be responsible for any damages incurred during the trip.

What happens in the event my vehicle suffers damage along the way?

We encourage all customers to diligently inspect their vehicles with the driver prior to leaving its origin location. If, and it’s highly unlikely, damages occur, be sure to update the Bill of Lading/Vehicle Condition Report. This report will then be submitted to address any repairs.

FAQ: What exactly is the type of insurance covering my vehicle?

Virginia Beach Auto Transport’s carrier insurances cover $1,000,000 in liability and $250,000 in cargo.

Vehicle Pickup & Delivery:

What are my responsibilities prior to shipping?

It’s wise to inspect your vehicle and isolate any existing damage. Please note this and any other existing damage for insurance purposes. Refer to our Step By Step Guide for other helpful tips.

Please explain the process for shipping a car out of state.

The transport process is relatively straightforward. Our experienced drivers load the vehicles onto their trucks and drive them to the destination. It’s truly not more complex. They have the expertise to deal with the wide variety of vehicles they are tasked to move. Trust us, don’t worry about the details, Virginia Beach Auto Transport will get your car there!

Is there a hard date & time for pickup and delivery?

Yes. If your car has to arrive at a specific date and time, Virginia Beach Auto Transport will arrange to meet those demands. Additional costs will apply. We also offer Expedited Shipping Services which gets your car picked up faster by a driver. Talk to one of our expert agents and they’ll set you up with the transport method suited to you.

What’s the usual amount of time it takes to ship a vehicle?

The speed of delivery is based on a number of factors. Certainly the distance makes a difference, but also road conditions and weather.

Here are some usual delivery time windows:

In-State Delivery: 1-3 Days.

Up to 1000 Miles: 3-5 Days.

1000-1250 Miles: 4-5 Days.

1250-2000 Miles: 6-8 Days.

2000-3000 Miles: 7-9 Days.

3000 Miles and Above: 9-11 Days.

Is it necessary for me to be present at pickup and delivery?

We stipulate that you or a trusted representative must be present. By doing so, someone is capable of adjusting the Bill of Lading if necessary.

What is the Bill of Lading?

A Bill of Lading (BOL) is a binding legal document which contains vital information pertaining to your shipment.

The Bill of Lading contains the year, make, model, and condition of your vehicle. It also operates as the contract between the truck driver and the vehicle owner. All damages to the vehicle must be documented on the Bill of Lading. Moreover, the Bill of Lading doubles as the receipt of transaction.

Various Kinds of Car Shipping Services:

What is Door-to-Door Auto Transport?

Door-to-Door auto transport enables our team to pick up your car directly from your home. We will then drop it off at the location of your choice. This system maximizes your convenience.

Is there a way to chart my vehicle’s progress during transport?

Yes. To check in on your car’s journey, you can call the driver directly or get in touch with one of our dispatch agents. Before your car starts its journey you’ll be given the driver’s number. This will allow you to periodically get an update.

What does top load mean?

Most carriers have two decks. If you have a preference, we’re happy to top load your vehicle.

What are the type of vehicles used for transporting a car?

This decision is up to you. Customers can either select an Open Car Transport or an Enclosed Car Transport. Open Car is the most common method of transporting a car. It also happens to be the most affordable. Enclosed Car Transport is more expensive and is often used for vintage or luxury vehicles. This method guarantees even more protection, guarding against weather, dust, and road debris.

Additional Questions:

Is Virginia Beach Auto Transport a carrier or broker?

Virginia Beach Auto Transport is a licensed carrier as well as a licensed, bonded, and insured broker.

Do I get a shipping contract?

Of course. Once you sign with Virginia Beach Auto Transport, you’ll get an order that spells out all of your legal obligations, rights, and conditions. The shipping process won’t commence until the order form has been signed and returned.

If I need to cancel, what’s the procedure and will I receive a refund?

Orders can be cancelled within 24 hours of placing the reservation. If it’s within this time frame you’ll be entitled to a full refund.

If you have any more questions, contact us at Virginia Beach Auto Transport today.