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Federal Trucking Rules Concern Farmers

You are currently viewing Federal Trucking Rules Concern Farmers
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AMELIA COUNTY, Va — Should there be an exception to new federal trucking rules that limit driver’s hours? Over the past few years, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has implemented new rules for how long truckers can be on the road. Starting in 2017, truckers are required to use an Electronic Logging Device to clock in their hours.   

Farmers, however, are lobbying to pause the new rules for truckers who ship livestock. They argue that these new regulations should not apply to the transportation of live animals.


Drivers are currently working under a temporary delay of the ELD requirements. Officials have allowed drivers to work a total of 14 hours, 11 of which can be on the road. The law has been delayed for another year so that industry officials and legislators can figure out an effective solution.

In the past, truckers protested the Federal rule change, saying that the newly implemented electronic logging devices were bad for business. Some believe that it hinders their freedom to run their business how they see fit.

Rising costs

Farmers claim that the restrictions will create additional costs. If they have to hire a second driver to transport these animals, eventually prices at the grocery store will rise and affect consumers.

Safety is paramount

There should be no question, if we value the lives and safety of our nation’s drivers over capital, then some type of regulation needs to be put into place. Hopefully, farmers and lawmakers can reach a compromise that takes both driver safety and animal welfare equally into account.   

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