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Fentanyl Fake-Out! Authorities Snag 32.5 Kilograms Of Drugs

You are currently viewing Fentanyl Fake-Out! Authorities Snag 32.5 Kilograms Of Drugs
State authorities discovered a major crime and stopped it just in time! We're talking about so much fentanyl, it's criminal!
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Well, you have to quit when you know you’re licked. And certainly, this is the case in our state of drug abuse. An example? State authorities have just now recovered about 32.5 kilograms of fentanyl and 12 kilos of methamphetamines. This comes from a joint operation of discovering transnational organized drug trafficking.

No American can exist in this country without realizing that there’s a strong presence of drug abuse in our society. That there is no better idea of how to handle life than with the cognizant understanding that crime simply doesn’t pay. Unless if you’re a police guy. Then, it pays per every crime that’s been got under your books. Truly consider what type of drugs you surround yourself with and keep in mind that you have a choice. A solid choice. Daresay, a good choice. To avoid these heavy substances.

How did this Fentanyl Bust happen?

According to the police, there has been joint operational work going on with HSI Norfolk Border Enforcement Security Task Force – otherwise known as BEST – for a while now. This has been ongoing enough to seize the large amounts of suspected illegal drugs since an unidentified arrest on February 7th. In which they seized 12.5 kilos of fentanyl and five of meth.

Of course, the authorities have been searching everywhere. Including a tractor-trailer in Pennsylvania. Such a search showed that there was a seizure of 20 additional kilos of fentanyl while there also being seven kilos of meth on them. Those drugs are currently on hold in something that isn’t a tractor-trailer.

In a statement made today, the Virginia Beach police went on record to say of the recent fentanyl bust, “This operation highlights the importance of the strong partnerships and cooperative effort that is the foundation of the BEST program. HSI Norfolk, HSI Harrisburg, Virginia Beach Police Department, Pennsylvania Office of the Attorney General, and Pennsylvania State Police are to be commended for their outstanding cooperative effort.”

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