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Ford F-150 Electric Is Miles Ahead Of Tesla Cybertruck

You are currently viewing Ford F-150 Electric Is Miles Ahead Of Tesla Cybertruck
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You remember when certain pick-up trucks would compete to see which was strongest? Well, that’s still happening to this day. Except Ford is the old timer beating the new kid on the block.

The movement that calls for pickups to be electrified is particularly fascinating when considering 2.9 million pickups where sold just last year..

Electricfying results show that about every 2 out of 5 consumers are in the market to buy a pickup truck within the next two years.

The study went on to show that the thoughts enacted by other pickup truck buyers varied. Ford and Tesla, respectively are two of the bigger names in the various EV options for trucking. That’s because their vehicles are looking to be the best in strength. And lately, it seems like every truck has a lot of details known about their specs.

The Ford F-150 Electric Is Still A Mystery

Not that it’s not doing well in gasoline, but Ford is somehow still the most trusted electric truck provider around.

In the aftermath of these wards, it looks like Tesla may be struggling a bit. That’s in part because of the lack of credibility.

It’s surprising that the survey even went straight to those who are thinking about going electric so quickly. It would’ve made more sense if there were less enthusiastic people about this mystery foray that Ford is even participating!

In other car news, Rivian is trailig behind. This happens to be a brand that is way more recognizable with their electric vehicle approach.

In summation, I would assume that if anything, we could all benefit from just having larger versions of RC trucks pilot around the place instead of autonomous vehicles. That could be the very solution we need to have these days. Only time will tell if the illusion of choice has really faded.

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