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Gloves are Littering Cities

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Gloves have been a staple in the fight against the global pandemic that is COVID-19. For many, the use of hand sanitizer and constant hand washing has helped to reduce the spread of the disease. While many are doing this, to help stop the disease, many are also throwing their gloves on the side of the road.

Gloves Pile Up

Since the start of the pandemic, latex and non-latex gloves have increased in sales. In some places, the demand is so high that they cannot keep store shelves stocked with them. While many are being cautious of themselves, they are not being conscious of their environment.

Every day, streets across the country are seeing a dramatic influx in garbage and pollution. A large number of this is due to latex gloves.

In places like Los Angeles, they can be seen scattered across city streets. New York City has also seen its fair share of improperly disposed of gloves.

Proper Disposal

Both hand protection and masks have their own set of disposal instructions. Its a fairly easy thing to do, you know, dispose of things properly. For some, it has been a challenge to which we ask the question “why?”. The real answer is still laziness.

Here is a list of Don’t Do’s in order to help you get a better idea.

  1. Don’t leave them in your shopping cart: It’s gross. It also means someone else needs to touch them. Don’t be this person.
  2. Don’t throw them in the street: Listen, we get you might be walking home with a bag of groceries or supplies. There isn’t much of an excuse (or any for that matter) as to why people do this. Do your gloves add that much weight to your load that you can’t bear to throw them out at the next trash bin?
  3. Throw them away in the trash. If it’s not in a trash receptacle then it’s someone else’s problem. Your mother taught you better.

Gloves Are Important – Just Throw Them Away When You Are Done.

We thank everyone who is using gloves for actually using them. Using gloves are an imperative measure to fight against the spread of COVID-19. For that, we thank you. Unfortunately, not disposing of them properly adds to an increasing environmental impact. So please, when you’re done with your gloves throw them away appropriately.

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