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Head of Commission Covering Mass Shooting Handles Critique

You are currently viewing Head of Commission Covering Mass Shooting Handles Critique
There's a lot of negative feedback regarding the handling of the 2019 mass shooting.
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The chair from a state commission has something to say about all the feedback he received for his own investigation of the horrific 2019 Mass Shooting. And how tragic that was for the city of Virginia Beach. Ryant Washington has admitted that, it was stated during a meeting that with “any indication or implication that the individuals do not care, there’s a false narrative. I think we are all here because we do care, because we want to do good will and I believe that we will.” There are plenty of instances where there’s due diligence of presentations, speakers and letters written that had been had for the meetings covering the 2019 mass shooting.

A rude letter had approached the group because of Virginia Attorney General Jason Miyares. He sent a mean one to the commission regarding all his disappointment in the group, while begging for the commission to focus upon the objective at hand. Within the meeting itself, it was said that an 11th member had resigned. Washington had once mentioned that plenty of resignations were being made for so many different reasons.

Therefore, the entire message had not been entirely well-told by the media.

There had been members that needed to quit because of family concerns, personal matters and even professional reasons that are totally separate from the concerns that could be taken from the commission. The chairman has decidedly shared more news, regarding how Joe Samaha himself has had a daughter die in a mass shooting, with plenty of interest for filling in one of the vacant spots. Samaha currently works as the president of the VTV Family Outreach Foundation, which in itself is a nonprofit that is of a great assistance for mass shooting survivors nationwide. Their daughter had been killed in the shooting at Virginia Tech in 2007.

Such a commission had been formed within the aftermath of the shooting on May 31st, 2019. Such a shooting had taken place at the Virginia Beach Municipal Center, where an angry city employee fatally shot 12 people and wounded four more before being killed by the police. There has been much anger approaching the commission with qualms about how they haven’t pushed for subpoena power, or even to have fees for record requests.

As it turns out, subpoena power is out of the control of the commission. Meanwhile, the General Assembly’s legislation which had made the commission wasn’t able to grant the entity with such authority.

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