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Homebuilt Hotrod: Chevy Puts The Ready On Electric Retrofitting

You are currently viewing Homebuilt Hotrod: Chevy Puts The Ready On Electric Retrofitting
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Have you ever wanted to drive a classic car without any of the classic smog it comes with? Well, now you might be able to. Thanks to Chevrolet, there’s a new trend of placing electric propulsion into classic cars. Isn’t that something? To be a homebuilt hotrod fixer?

Electric powertrains will be sold to the aftermarket in the same way they sell crate internal combustion engines.

These versions of Electric Vehicles will feature homebuilt propulsion that will have electric engineering. Or so confirms the Chevy director of engineering, performance and racing, Russ O’Blenes, “Minutes after Chevrolet showed the E-10 concept [in 2019], customers started calling to ask how soon they could build their EV project.”

There are two packages are going on sale in part two of 2021.The electric connect and cruise packages include a Bolt EV motor battery DC-to-AC inverter, wiring harnesses, a DC-to-DC converter and water pumps for battery healing and cooling.

Some critics believe that there’s no point. Until technology catches up and improves, the transmission isn’t going to be smart enough until the system becomes more integrated.

Other companies have been making their own homebuilt options when it comes to helping classic cars go green.

The Buzz About Homebuilt Hotrod Powertrains

For instance, Electric Classic Cars in the UK, EV West and Zelectric in California. Jaguar was even jumping in on the fun to convert their XKE-engined cars, before they came to realize the fruitlessness of their efforts.

Volkswagen is till working on their suped-up classic VW Type 1 to be all-electric in the shadow of preparing the world to see their ID Buzz.

For Chevy, they’re looking at 200 horsepower for a start as far as electric hotrods go. They’re still evaluating other high-performance ideas and probably will offer Ultium battery packs as well.

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