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Honda teams up with Sony to Create Electric Vehicles

You are currently viewing Honda teams up with Sony to Create Electric Vehicles
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If you don’t already know, Honda is thinking about taking another step forward with Sony by creating a joint venture agreement. The reason why Honda has joined forces with Sony is because they want to focus their energy on producing electric vehicles and mobility services, with additional plans to start EV sales and mobility service operations in 2025.

Automakers like Honda should be teaming up with Sony. All to create a new brand of electric vehicles that both companies can make good use of. The titans of each make note that they are going to develop and sell electric vehicles. Sony and Honda, for the moment, are still negotiating partnership details while mentioning the joint statement that the goal is creating the brand new company in the year. The plan has also been said to involve the formed first electric vehicle model by 2025. There are even more plans to commercialize and allow for mobility services.

There’s no real name for the Sony and Honda mashup but the business plan is entirely meant to handle the development, planning, design and sales aspects. The responsibilities are divided up between Sony and Honda. Honda is going to manufacture the vehicles by using the facilities while Sony has to build the platform for the mobility service.

If you notice what Honda has been saying lately, then you’ll see they’re pushing for a positive push of the EV culture.

Honda is letting everyone know, they’re committed to electric vehicles. So much so, to where they’re thinking about battery-electric and hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles by 2040. Th upping in those vehicles that will occur throughout the next couple of decades will combine with the likely elimnination of automaker’s internal-combustion offerings as well as declining production. The new Electric Vehicle models, from Honda and General Motors, are likely to arrive in the USA starting in 2024. Such as the Honda Prologue as well as the alternative part of the Acura lineup.

After the announcement, Sony shown it’s Vision-S 02 prototype electric crossover from the CES technology show on display. Additionally, an even earlier Vision-S 01 electric sedan is already showing the intention on Sony’s part to enter the EV market in a capacity.

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