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How to Manage a Relationship and a Trucking Career

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Relationships are never easy. That is just a universal truth. But when you are a truck driver, things just get that extra bit more complicated. Being always on the road can arise many issues and sometimes it can almost feel like a long-distance relationship.

But there is no need for you to choose between your career and your personal life. So, here are some tips to keep the flames going while on the go.


It is most probable that your significant other has a life of their own, just as it should be. But sometimes depending on the demands of their career or their interests, it may be possible to invite your partner to accompany you during those long hours on the road.

A lot of couples have made it work by being road partners, having a remote job or using vacation days to join their lovers in one of their trips.

This is not for everybody, but don’t hesitate to have the conversation with your partner. You could have a life together on the road and let the miles tell your love story.


Like in any long-distance relationship, one of the most important parts is to always stay in touch with your significant other.

This doesn’t need to be the 24 hours of the day but try to at least speak daily. Whether it’s a text message or a FaceTime call, with the technology we have available nowadays there is no excuse to not stay in touch even in the distance.

It is also important to use that daily connection to talk about your day and remind each other what you love about one another. This will significantly improve your love and trust in each other. Which leads me to…


Of course, there can’t be a relationship if there is no trust. But distance and loneliness can put your trust in each to test more often than not. And then, jealousy kicks in!

To try and fight against jealousy, it is important to trust the other person and also to trust yourself: if you picked them to be your partner it must be because you saw the good in them.

When a couple genuinely trusts in their connection and love for each other, there is no room for jealousy or distrust.


Just in like any job, you also need to take some breaks from trucking. And if a career driving trucks has a good quality, it’s that it allows you to have a more flexible schedule. You often get to chose when to work and when to take a break.

Make sure to coordinate your breaks with your partner, so maybe you can go on a vacation together or have the most incredible staycation at home, in case you had enough miles under your belt already.

On another note, never forget to take a break if you feel that your relationship needs it. Sometimes just a few days focusing on each other can make all the difference. After all, don’t forget that relationships always should come first. Which brings me to…


There is an old saying that mentions the three most important things in life: Health, Money, and Love.

And even though your career is important and brings you money, never forget that health and love should always come first. You don’t go to work when you are sick and need to take care of yourself. So, don’t ignore the ones you love when they need you. Because, after all, you also need them!

A job is surely important and even more if it is your dream job. But there are plenty of them out there and one day you might not be able to keep on driving those long hours. But your loved one will always be by your side whether the sun shines or the wheels of your truck are stuck in the snow. And, let’s be honest, your other half is irreplaceable!  


Everyone has had that moment when you get home after a long day and you just want to crawl in bed and binge-watch the next Netflix show. Or maybe a friend invited you to go to a party you have been dying to go to forever. That moment when you call whoever you had already done plans with that night and cancel everything. Everyone does it!

Nonetheless, when the time you spend at home is as limited as a truck driver’s, you must make sure you use that time wisely. So, for starters, make sure to always save some time to spend with your significant other. Even if that means saying no to other plans or making that extra effort to get up from your comfy couch.

Secondly, it is important to create new memories together while you can. Those are the kinds of things that bring people closer and the things you both will remember when you are somewhere in the middle of the road missing them.  

And finally, remember to make them feel like you want to be with them any minute possible. It is hard enough not to be together in weeks at a time.


Making plans together for the future is very important. It helps both of you feel like there is a wanted future life with each other. And this will always solidify a relationship.

It is also important to make sure you both have the same plans or wishes for your future life together. So, it may be a complicated conversation, but it is a very relevant one. After all, you are together in this relationship and all the hardships that it might involve.


Finally, never forget that the most important part of any relationship is the love and the understanding you show for each other. So be patient, take time to get to know the other deeply and never forget to remind each other all the love you feel.

What about you? Do you have any tips to have your dream career without sacrificing your love life? Let us know in the comments! Your fellow truckers will surely thank you!

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