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How to Protect Your Car While Shipping It Across the Country

You are currently viewing How to Protect Your Car While Shipping It Across the Country
Here's how you can keep your car secure while it travels!
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Shipping a car across the country means putting a lot of faith in your car shipper. You rely on the company to have good policies in place that always protect their cars. It may feel as though you don’t have any control over what happens to your car while it’s shipping. However, there are ways that you can protect your car during its shipping process! Here’s how you can keep your car safe while it’s on its cross-country trip:

Make sure to empty out your car ahead of time.

This is one of the most important things you can do to protect your car. While your shipper hauls your car, they will have no control over what happens inside it. They’ll try to give your cars a smooth ride, but they can’t always guarantee that. So make sure to take anything out of your car that you wouldn’t want jostling around. From old drinks to backpacks, it’s a good idea to take it all out before shipping.

Protect your car with enclosed auto shipping.

Enclosed auto shipping is one of our exceptional car transport services, and it does a lot to protect your vehicle. With enclosed shipping, your car will have full protection from the elements. No heavy wind, snowstorm, or rainfall will have an opportunity to damage your car. This is why we recommend enclosed shipping for expensive or exotic vehicles; not only are these vehicles valuable, but they’re also expensive to repair or replace parts for. To guarantee your car’s safety, you should definitely go with enclosed auto shipping.

Choose a shipper with a high rating.

Ultimately, the most important choice you’ll make during the car shipping process is who to ship with. Sadly, not every car shipper has your best interest in mind. Many of them will not hire the best drivers or cut corners on your shipment. Weed out the worst of these offenders by checking your car shipper’s reviews before signing up with them. If you see mostly negative reviews or customers commonly complaining about damage to their cars, stay away!

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