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How Truckers Can Improve Gas Mileage

You are currently viewing How Truckers Can Improve Gas Mileage
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Gas is expensive. And for truckers, even more so. But there are many ways truck drivers can cut the cost a bit by improving on gas mileage. Sometimes, it’s as little as making small adjustments in your driving habits. Additionally, regular inspections and maintenance can also improve fuel efficiency. Here are a few more basic changes you can do to maximize truckers gas mileage while on the road.

Turn Off Truck When Idle

This is probably the most obvious way to cut back on gas. However, we also know that opportunities to turn off your truck are far and few in between. Yet, some places you can start are at locations where you are waiting to unload or load items. Additionally, you should also turn your tuck off while pumping gas. Rest stops, truck terminals, and truck washes are also other areas of opportunity to turn off the engine.

Slow Down

Studies have shown that speeding burns a lot more gas. So, try to stay within the limit, or even a mile or two below it. Furthermore, reducing breaking can also help improve your fuel mileage.

Perform Regular Maintenance Checks

Maintaining your truck’s equipment is crucial for so many reasons. Maintenance and preventative inspections help trucks drive better, therefore burning less fuel. Also, improper tire pressure can negatively impact your truck’s fuel efficiency.

Balance Out the Load

Furthermore, when your truck is properly loaded, it allows the driver to operate at optimum efficiency. As a result, fuel is conserved, only using what’s needed.

Avoid Sudden Starts and Stops

Moreover, driving roughly not only causes wear-and-tear to your truck, but it also burns more gas. Practice shifting as smoothly as you can. It will help improve fuel efficiency.

Utilize Cruise-Control

Lastly, many truckers find that using cruise control also helps them save on gas. By regulating your speed and engine power, you can maximize fuel efficiency.

What are some other ways truck drivers can improve on fuel mileage? Share below.

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