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Hyundai Recalls 53,000 Cars With Dual-Clutch Transmission Errors

You are currently viewing Hyundai Recalls 53,000 Cars With Dual-Clutch Transmission Errors
So many Hyundais are defective enough to prompt recalls.
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Hyundai had to file a recall with NHTSA over an issue with a failsafe malfunction in the transmission oil pump. Such a recall is affecting 53,142 vehicles althroughout six different Hyundai models that utilize a dual-clutch transmission. The models affected are as follows: the 2021, 2022 Santa Fe, Sonata, Veloster N, the Elantra N, the Kona N, and the Santa Cruz. Hyundai is inspecting and replacing transmissions to reprogram the controlling software. The automaker is likely going to mail notification letters to owners by December 5th.

There are filings out with the NHTSA that talk about improper fail-safe mode. It can be followed by total loss of motive ability when the transmission clutches and drive gears disengage after around 20 to 30 seconds. Hyundai has stated that documents will file with NHTSA where there have been about 229 reported incidents in the USA. All from the range of June 2021 through September 2022 while there had been no confirmed accidents or injuries from the result of the problem. But there in such circumstances has there been the very difficulty that one would see when having to deal with these models. And that’s how the transmission control unit could potentially damage the usually fail-safe driving capability that the car holds.

Any owner that’s interested is able to check online as to whether or not the vehicle is affected by looking at the NHTSA recalls website.

Let’s go into detail, here.

The Recall Report states how drivers are going to be alerted to the issue of illumination of multiple warning lamps. From that instance forward, internal fault detection can handle the vehicle into a limited-mobility of “fail-safe” mode. It’s certainly easy to follow from total loss of motive ability while the transmission clutches and drive gears stop engaging from about 20 to 30 seconds. Hyundai has documents that are filed with the NHTSA of how there have been 229 reported incidents in the USA from June 2021 through about September 2022, with no confirmed accidents or injuries from a result of the problem.

The models affected will be serviced on by dealers who care to inspect the transmissions, even with free of charge replacements. Hyundai had in the meantime made it known that they would stop selling the order of affected vehicles on October 7th. They’re going to be able to contact all the owners by December 5th. That might take a while but to incorporate further safety, it’s so worth it to talk to the NHTSA or your Hyundai dealer to gain more intel.

To be fair, cars are an investment that are going to expire much quicker in value. You cannot expect them to really go up in value the more often you use them. So really, your best bet is to be way more careful with your car and take care of it to the best of your ability. What else can you do in that instance anyway? Really evaluate what chances you do have when it comes to protecting your auto and even give it an extra wash every now and then.

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