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Initiative for Fast, Free Training for Good Open Jobs

You are currently viewing Initiative for Fast, Free Training for Good Open Jobs
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An initiative exists for good jobs but unfortunately, they don’t have the people to match with the positions. While Virginia’s unemployment rate remains high, there are many companies based in the state that have well-paying jobs that are going unfilled due to a lack of people with the right skills. This is a gap which the new nonprofit Virginia Ready Initiative trying to close.

Initiative RV Ready Receives a Commitment for its Programs

VA Ready recently received a $30,000 commitment from Microsoft for its program. Two dozen Virginia companies, individual donors, and the Virginia Community College System support the program.

They provide incentives for motivated but out-of-work Virginians who have lost their jobs due to the COVID-19 pandemic. To also re-skill for in-demand jobs at Virginia employers. There are many of those.

Initiative RV CEO says People don’t Have the Right Credentials

“There are jobs that are open and not filled. We don’t have enough people with these exact credentials for people. This happens year after year in Virginia,” Caren Merrick, VA Ready’s CEO, told WTOP.

“Credentials are based on the positions now open. Moreover, the benefit for companies is that they can get a resource of trained people. These skills are valuable.

VA Ready’s Business Partners

Moreover, the people who receive a credential belong to VA Ready’s business partners for interviews. In addition, the preapproved courses are free. Yet they can be enrolled at any of Virginia’s 23 community colleges. In addition, the courses are tailored to the most highly-sought after yet unfilled jobs in the state.

30 Credential Courses are Available

30 credential courses are currently available. The retraining and certification is fast.

“These credentialed programs go from two weeks to 12 weeks. Therefore, they are in fields like health care, manufacturing and trade and also computer and cyber,” Merrick said.

A list of VA Ready’s re-skilling careers is now online. The information on how to enroll is as well.

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