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Mass Shooting May Get 3rd Investigation

You are currently viewing Mass Shooting May Get 3rd Investigation
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A pair of Virginia Beach delegates call for an investigation on the state level of the mass shooting that took place last year in their hometown. It would be the third investigation, though it would be the first at a state level.

The mass shooting took place in May of 2019 when a shooter entered a municipal building. DeWayne Antonio Craddock, 40, entered building 2 of the Virginia Beach Municipal Center and proceeded to fire on employees. He killed 12 in the course of his rampage. Earlier that day, he tendered his resignation at the same workplace.

Police shot and killed Craddock at the scene.

As a result, authorities couldn’t question him about his motives. Now, after two investigations, state lawmakers and family members of victims want a better answer.

Calls for Further Review of Mass Shooting

Kelly Convirs-Fowler and Jason Miyares, both delegates representing Virginia Beach, filed a bill calling for the appointment of an independent commission to review the shooting. Its charge, under the bill, encompasses reviewing Craddock’s personal background and interactions with coworkers.

Additionally, it calls for a thorough examination of the event itself, how Craddock managed to carry out the attack, and obstacles hindering first responders.

One of the previous investigations, carried about by the firm Hillard Heinze, concluded the city had insufficient workplace violence policies. It also found discipline practices and human resources lacking.

That investigation included 750 interviews and thousands of hours of detective work.

In spite of its scope, both the Hillard Heinze and the previous investigation failed to adequately provide a motive.

The bill calls for House Speaker Eileen Filler-Corn to appoint 5 commissioners, the Senate Rules committee another 5, and Governor Northam an additional 10.

The commission would contain experience in law enforcement, jury hearings, local government, first response, security, and IT.

In spite of the previous investigations, Virginia Beach representatives and victims’ families hope a third resolves lingering concerns.

At Virginia Beach Auto Transport, we hope this investigation results in closure for the victims’ families. This horrible act of violence will be in our hearts and minds for years to come.

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