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Mercedes-Benz S-Class Drives You Around With Autonomous Technology

You are currently viewing Mercedes-Benz S-Class Drives You Around With Autonomous Technology
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If you haven’t heard already, Mercedes-Benz has a 2022 S-Class type vehicle that enables you to sit in while it drives you in an automated vehicle. Of course, Mercedes-Benz has built-in Intelligent Drive Level 2 driver-assist system, all over the lineup.

The Society of Automotive Engineers has been able to describe driver-assist systems in levels of automation ranging from level 1 to level 5. With the Mercedes-Benz S-Class, you have the capacity for adaptive cruise control, lane-keep assist, and automatic lane-change features. Now, these may be involved with systems such as Intelligent Drive, Tesla’s Autopilot and even General Motors’ Super Cruise, and within those vehicles, the systems all fall within the SAE Level 2.

But Mercedes-Benz falls in Level 3.

Talk about next-level technology! Good on you, Mercedes-Benz!

Mercedes not only has the Drive Pilot technology that allows you to watch YouTube videos and reply to emails, but they also allow for you to play Tetris upon the car’s touchscreen! Additionally, there’s an infrared camera held behind the steering wheel. Drive Pilot has the best adaptive cruise and driver-assist features, along with lidar.

Likely, the vehicle will cost about $5,000. Mercedes is available through an over-the-air update. Mercedes is getting approval within several states to allow for their autonomous vehicle technology to even flourish. Really, it’s a tough circumstance, but it’s going to be a very important service. It will stay in operation while the driver themselves are not quite responsible for driving around.

It also happens to be very similar to BMW’s Driving Assistant Professional feature. This competitor operates in stop-and-go traffic for up to 37 mph on limited-access highways. But it’s obvious that Mercedes has the game locked down. Drive Pilot can even pre-map divided highways. Another unfortunate factor, however, is that this facet of technology is mainly available on 8,000 miles of roads. The pressures of being level 3 have their drawbacks.

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