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New Indoor Entertainment Venue Opens With A Variety of Activities

You are currently viewing New Indoor Entertainment Venue Opens With A Variety of Activities
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New Indoor Entertainment Venue has Everything Under the Sun

A new indoor, massive 84,000 square-foot called Apex Entertainment amusement center. It will feature an indoor go-kart track, military-themed laser tag, blacklight mini-golf course, ax-throwing walls, a ropes course, a bowling alley, bumper cars, sports simulators, pool tables, and an arcade.

However, the new venue in Virginia Beach’s Town Center threw its doors open to thrill-seekers at 2 p.m. Friday afternoon.

But why open a massive, two-level indoor amusement center amid a worsening pandemic with new statewide restrictions taking effect Monday?

Virginia’s restrictions on businesses still allow all attractions to remain up and running starting Day One which was last Friday. Moreover, this is according to Marcus Kemblowski, Apex Entertainment’s chief operating officer. In fact, other indoor amusements businesses in the region have been open. Because the governor eased some restrictions months ago. However, this included arcades, roller skating rinks, escape rooms, and bowling alleys.

Apex’ Escape Room will close for Awhile

Kemblowski expects the Apex Escape Room won’t be open right away. He expects it to be open next week.

Apex Entertainment Amusement Center is the company’s fourth location. It is also its largest. There are others in Albany and Syracuse as well as New York. In addition, to Marlborough, Massachusetts. Moreover, the New York venues led to the complete closure and limits on some attractions in Massachusetts.

New Indoor Entertainment Venue: The Chief Operating is Happy the Center is Now Open

“We’re just excited about opening the doors,” Kemblowski said of its new Town Center spot.

Capacity Limits, Concern Curfews

Virginia Beach has limits and will be on capacity. Typically, the venue’s capacity would be 2,148 people. It will be 250, under Governor Ralph Northam’s executive order. It takes effect on Monday and primarily for concern curfews and for additional statewide restrictions. However, the only one that appears to affect Apex is reported to be limited to private gatherings. Limited to just 10 people at a time are for private parties.

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