Passenger Rail Service Agrees to Extend to New Destinations

Passenger rail service has been finalizing in a definitive agreement in a Mid-Atlantic state. It includes a local Southern Corporation in regional areas for the first time since 1979. This is according to Governor Ralph Northam. Passenger Rail Service – Initiative Also, the Western Rail Initiative has expanded the passengerContinue Reading


Three before-school programs and 11 after-school programs will no longer close in Virginia Beach after a surge in applications for open positions. The Virginia Beach Parks & Recreation Out-of-School Time Programs (OST)  said the hiring surge stemmed from a recent pay increase. Closures of the programs would have impacted over 300 participants. OnContinue Reading

The public school district for the city has made it known that they are changing the rules when it comes to their COVID quarantine policy. This would essentially mean that as of Monday, high school students with a positive result of COVID-19 would not have to be quarantined. Of course,Continue Reading