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Nissan Leaf Electric Vehicles Experience An Affordable Makeover

You are currently viewing Nissan Leaf Electric Vehicles Experience An Affordable Makeover
If you've held yourself back from owning a Nissan Leaf, embrace their next big thing. The new 2023 model is faster and way more efficient.
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The Nissan Leaf is maybe the most progressive electric vehicle since the Tesla, Prius or even RC toy. But now, there’s something else to sweeten the deal, just in time for the 2023 model year. That being the updated, new-and-improved, idyllic makeover of the Leaf with several different models in the lineup.

Well, Only Two, but Still. Pretty Impressive, Nissan.

One being the Leaf S, equipped with a 40 kilowatt-hours battery pack. And the other, a sibling! The Leaf Plus SV. This one comes with 62 kilowatt-hours installed in the pack. As a result, it can bring the EPA-estimated range up to 149 miles for the S model or 215 for the SV Plus. As a result, the 2023 configurations can easily do away with the former 226-mile rating that was only reachable in the ordinary Leaf Plus S model.

The power and acceleration, as you can tell, varies between the two models. For instance, let’s talk about the S first.

What Is so Special About the Nissan Leaf S?

For starters, the Nissan Leaf S, as it is, contains a 110-kilowatt electric motor with 236 lb-ft of torque coming from 147 horsepower. It coasts about $28,425 and offers so many modern renditions—as does the Leaf SV Plus—like gray finishers on black cloth upholsters. It’s easy to tell that both vehicles come with a brand new grille design and impressive five-spoke 17-inch alloy wheel design. Ultimately, there are vaster differences that can be found within the Leaf SV.

So, What Difference Does it Make When You Ride the Nissan Leaf SV Plus?

To start, the Nissan Leaf SV Plus, comes with a 160-kilowatt motor, capable of 214 horsepower from 250 lb-ft. In this vehicle, it’s well-observed that the Leaf SV starts at a price tag of $36,425. Also, the finishers are gloss-black. However, exclusive to the Nissan Leaf SV Plus, there comes an exciting system installed to help you drive. It’s Nissan’s ProPilot Assist driver-assistance system, of course, and it pairs stop-and-start cruise control, equipped with active lane control.

Impressive, right?

Bigger and better things are coming for loyal Nissan owners, looking to get their hands on the next big thing. Of course, a successor model to the Leaf is on the horizon, as we ebb and flow closer to the middle of the 2020’s. That said, the 2023 Leaf is hitting the car dealerships of the USA this Summer, to an expectant and exuberant array of car buyers. What a thrill that will be, as Nissan continues their promise of 15 global EVs, existing by 2030.

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