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No Property Damage During Protest

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Virginia Beach, VA – Protests report no property damage as concerned residents continue protesting in the city over the death of George Floyd – an unarmed African American who was killed while being detained by Minneapolis PD.

The city itself has had a relatively easy time working with protesters and police alike. Reports came in as of Tuesday night at midnight. Nothing had been damaged, looted or police arrests were made, the appearance of peaceful protests come back into the foray.

Virginia Beach police report in to disperse over 150 protesters. Some of whom marched in favor of reforming America’s police force. The protests which included two groups brought together by the life-taking event formed and peacefully protested.

Police said they shut down roads and entry points to the area. The process took several hours for law enforcement to gather the essential materials used in order to deter protesters away while attempting to maintain peace.

Riots Lead To Property Damage

Across the country, countless other organizations have started riots across the country. These supporters of destruction are from other organizations. These actions are a threat to both public health and the movement.

Local businesses are currently facing the issue of protecting their shops. The points then turn the focus of protests towards violence.

Virginia Beach seems to understand that the best way for this issue is reconciliation. They are providing an outlet for the people to speak while remaining peaceful.

As for the rest of America, the issues stemming from George Floyd’s death has sparked outrage. Cities across the country are facing harsh lock-down procedures. These methods are by local officials as well as strict policy control of specific areas.

Governor Cuomo of New York is placing specific requirements in order to allow protesters to speak with a platform. This will ensure that, without riots and destruction, the goal is to achieve a more harmonious community.

Many local governments are working to bring their citizens together. President Trump is currently trying to utilize the National Guard for the majority of protesters. In his speeches, he writes off the protests as unharmonious.

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