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Open Car Transport: The Fresh Air Shipping Option

You are currently viewing Open Car Transport: The Fresh Air Shipping Option
Open car transportation is the best shipping method!
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Here at Virginia Beach Auto Transport, we offer a variety of shipping options. We can do door-to-door or expedited shipping and provide both with either enclosed or open car transportation.

You may find yourself wondering, what’s the difference between enclosed and open car transportation?

Well, our enclosed car services are when we transport vehicles in an enclosed truck, providing fully covered protection for any vehicle. Our open car services are when we transport vehicles on a truck with an open trailer. If you’ve ever seen a truck pulling a double layered platform full of cars driving on the highway, that one example of open car transportation. Now you may be wondering, what exactly are the benefits of open car transportation because wouldn’t it be better to have your car kept inside while in transit? Well, that is a good question, and the answer is simple: open car transportation with Virginia Beach Auto Transport still provides complete protection for your vehicle, while being a significantly more inexpensive option!

Studies actually show that less than 5% of cars are damaged when being shipped by auto shipping companies, such as Virginia Beach Auto Transport.

Even with that low risk, we also provide full insurance coverage for all vehicles we ship, with both open and enclosed car shipping!

Open car transport is also highly recommended and perfectly set up for people shipping multiple cars. If you are moving across the country and have a four-car household, you do not want to have to deal with driving all of those cars individually to your new home. Not only would you have to then be worrying about getting the rest of your things to the home, but then driving the cars across the country puts more wear and tear on a car unnecessarily and puts more stress on you! Open car transport is the best option for you! With Virginia Beach Auto Transportation,  would have a great deal and be able to ship all of your cars on the same truck so that you can get all of your cars to your new home with no hassle on your part!

Open car transport is also far less expensive than enclosed auto transportation, so if you need your car shipped but are in a financial bind, you don’t have to limit yourself at all! Open car transport is also the most common option for vehicle shipping, which means we have become full masters of the shipping method!

We are ultimately always here to help you and put getting your car to you safely and for a reasonable price above all else!

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