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Passenger Rail Service Agrees to Extend to New Destinations

You are currently viewing Passenger Rail Service Agrees to Extend to New Destinations
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Passenger rail service has been finalizing in a definitive agreement in a Mid-Atlantic state. It includes a local Southern Corporation in regional areas for the first time since 1979. This is according to Governor Ralph Northam.

Passenger Rail Service – Initiative

Also, the Western Rail Initiative has expanded the passenger rail service to a local region city. Then it complements the state’s $3.7 billion Transforming Rail in Virginia program. It is a Virginia roadmap for building a 21st-century rail network, according to Northam. The agreement was, in fact, executed after authorization from the Virginia Passenger Rail Authority Board of Directors.

Improvements and Modernize Transportation Infrastructure

“This program is an investment not only in our rail system. It also serves residents and the businesses that are along the corridor and in the local region,” said Northam. Also, together with our partners in the local region, we are making pertinent improvements that modernize our transportation infrastructure and thus connect communities across the Commonwealth. Moreover, we do look forward to continuing this essential work. It will help us move people and goods effectively, then reduce congestion and pollution, fuel tourism, and drive economic growth.”

Also, the initiative is going to add a second state-supported round-trip train between two local cities later this year. Then extend to another region upon completion of a new station, track, and signal improvements, this is according to Northam. Moreover, the agreement does also allow for a third train to operate in the future between two local cities.

There is an expanded intercity rail service. It is designing to create economic benefits. Moreover, it also provides additional multimodal options for travelers along the regional interstate and corridor. That is expecting to add about 80,000 passengers in the first year. It is after service is going to be extending to the local area, said Northam.

Plus there will be an agreement with a local region in that the Commonwealth. That is going to acquire roughly 28 miles of the local area right-of-way. Plus the existing tracks from local areas, plus a passenger rail easement that is between the cities regionally.

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