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Renault Is Beating Tesla In Europe Sales

You are currently viewing Renault Is Beating Tesla In Europe Sales
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Renault is looking to catch up quickly now that many are purchasing the new Zoe. Unfortunately, the race can be won – but at what cost?

Through the pandemic, one thing has been clear: The electric car industry is only speeding up. With multiple lines expecting to drop heavy hammers into 2021 auto sales, many are finding their way to expand. One of the largest EV makers is Renault. Recently, the auto manufacturer has made extensive deals with European countries. With Germany and France both completely on board, the company has been able to outsell Tesla with its own Zoe.

This comes at a cost, though. While, yes they are selling like hotcakes, they are also selling for next to nothing. In some cases, buyers have been able to purchase one for absolutely free.

This comes with government incentives in order to help push the electric car industry. It is a quick move that will hopefully establish Renault as a leading car company among Europeans.

While the company looks to be making great headway, the speculative losses aren’t bothering Renault. Some may see it as easily losing large sums of money, the other side of the coin reflects the image of the company for much longer.

This may be a short-lived celebration, the company looks to be on the right track for getting their name out to the public. While many might switch over to Tesla or other EV’s, Renault will have brand loyalists from here-on-out.

Being on that level with the community is huge. While never forgetting that they would help during a time of global crisis. The move has been a smart one for the company, although it might seem short-sighted, they look to continue their efforts in the EV environment. Will their efforts pay off? We shall see.

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