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Running an Airbnb or Vrbo is not ‘a Very Equitable or Fair Process’

You are currently viewing Running an Airbnb or Vrbo is not ‘a Very Equitable or Fair Process’
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Running short-term rentals legally in Virginia Beach some people say the current process isn’t easy, to say the least. In fact, they feel it isn’t “fair.” That is what they are hearing as far as the city’s proposed changes to make it better aren’t that great, either.

Running Home Rentals

It is recommending the City Council approving new regulations that would significantly limit which communities are allowing to have home rentals for less than 30 days. This is according to what the Virginia Beach Planning Commission recently said. Moreover, they also suggesting limits should be placing on how many property owners within a specific community would be allowing to operate a short-term rental.

Latest Rules to be Debating

However, this is just the most current set of rules to be discussing. That is when it comes to short-term rentals. The City Council has thought about how to regulate this burgeoning industry since 2015.

Airbnb, Vrbo – Vacationers Prefer Homes Over Hotels

To make extra money by renting their properties through sites like Airbnb and Vrbo, property owners cater to vacationers who prefer homes over hotels. Though owning the homes in coastal communities is disruptive to those owners not interesting in renting. They simply don’t like and have complained about the constant flow of strangers coming and going.

The City Council and the Owners Running Airbnbs and Vrbos are at Odds

However, striking an agreeable balance has improved virtually non-existent.

“The hardest issue, is by far and in terms of stress,” said Councilman Guy Tower (Beach District). Tower is one of those leading the effort to go on to regulate short-term rentals. “Who would have thought people in the neighborhoods when they bought their properties who would have expected to deal with those who want to rent their properties on a short-term basis.”

A Party Shine Unfavorable Light on Unregulated Short-Term Rental

Outrage over the issue from some homeowners in the North End escalated over after gunshots. They were firing at a party outside an unregulating short-term rental.

One Bad Property Owner or Manager

There are advocates for short-term rentals that dispute one bad property owner or manager shouldn’t destroy things for everyone else.

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