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School Board Officially Requires Masks Be Worn By Students

You are currently viewing School Board Officially Requires Masks Be Worn By Students
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The School Board is making the move to officiate the decision for wearable masks in the school system. This in of itself is barely tangible however since too much shouting and crossover of mean-spirited words occurred at a meeting two days ago. This is something that just naturally happens I guess when you have politically charged parents of impressionable students reresent their kids with ones own personal interest at heart. The whole time is a chaotic back and forth.

I was actually able to find the video footage on a YouTube account. And my, are they passionate! We see individuals here in this footage before a panel of the school board making their case for whether or not masks are actually a good idea. The board has made the move to reopen schools in the district logical as wearing a mask can only be seen as possibly political theater.

Since the outbreak of coronavirus has been mutating, the plans to make masks worn for children attending school when it reopens in person for the first time since the pandemic started.

Yet, even with the looming danger presented by the Delta Variant, the truth still remains that most people criticized the board members who chose to don masks. Going through critique as if what they were doing was a sort of liberal show-and-tell. There has been no real acknowledgment of the health guidance since the board was willing to meet in July.

The School Board voted yes to wear the mask.

Other recommendations from the Center of Disease Control weren’t as immediately seen as logical. Therefore have less of a likelihood to be taken as seriously. The screenings of asymptomatic infections were also impossible in their opinion to enact for a whole school district. Even athletes may have to go through regular testing cycles, just to play their sports.

VBSchools | August 12th, 2021

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