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Exotic Car Transport

Among its many car shipping services, Virginia Beach Auto Transport also offers Exotic Car Transport. Look, we know how people love their cars. We also know they love their expensive, rare cars even more! Whether it’s a classic car, an expensive sports car, or an antique automobile, people want to trust that if they ship it, their cherished vehicle will get to where it’s going without incident.


Virginia Beach Auto Transport considers it a privilege to ship your exotic cars. Consequently, we do it by taking every precaution possible. Throughout the process we exercise nothing but the highest level of care in the business. Our experienced drivers know how to handle precious freight, and they drive accordingly.

Still, if you have any questions or concerns regarding your exotic vehicle, contact us. One of our knowledgeable agents will gladly put any of your worries to bed. Plus, at Virginia Beach Auto Transport we treat each customer as an individual and always search for the most reasonable deal.

Enclosed Car Transport

At Virginia Beach Auto Transport we use only enclosed car transport for exotic vehicle shipping. Additionally, we offer the use of special trucks that are designed to eliminate any possible harm coming to your precious vehicle. We all know the highways out there are treacherous with potholes and other threats, so this definitely adds another layer of protection.

Better Safe Than Sorry

Cars are expensive. Some people work for years to purchase their dream car. Maybe it’s a Ferrari, Porsche, BMW, Mercedes, Hummer, or some vintage beauty. The bottom line is it’s not worth taking the risk of any harm coming to them by using regular Open Car transport. Your best bet is to spring for that extra level of security and select Exotic Car Shipping.

Contact us at Virginia Beach Auto Transport and get your car exotic car expertly shipped today!