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Expedited Car Shipping

Time is precious. We all know this. We all feel this. It’s no different with car shipping. Sometimes getting a car shipped to a new location simply can’t wait. But let’s face it, not all car transport companies can help with your urgent car shipping needs. And if they can, expedited shipping can get expensive.


Virginia Beach Auto Transport is experienced at all forms of car transport. In fact, we’ve been doing it for 13 years and have amassed a large and loyal clientele. If you require Expedited Car Shipping it would be unwise to trust anybody but Virginia Beach Auto Transport.

The Expedited Car Shipping option means your vehicle will be picked up as soon as possible. No mapping out time for your car to move weeks down the line. Expedited Car Shipping means the car is a high priority and will start its journey within two days of placing the order. This isn’t always possible if ordered during the weekends. Sometimes, on such short notice, it’s hard to locate a car carrier available in your area.

It must be noted that Expedited Car Shipping speeds up the time-frame upon when a car begins its journey. However, in terms of pure travel time, the number of hours remains fixed. You simply can’t drive a truck any faster. Nevertheless, Expedited Shipping is an excellent choice for those that have to hurry up the process. Plus, Virginia Beach Auto Transport handles these types of requests all the time. Even better, we offer the option of both Open Car and Enclosed Car Transport.

Virginia Beach Auto Transport Expedited Car Shipping

Virginia Beach Auto Transport knows that people are busy and therefore, super reliant on their cars to get around. Some more than others. But if you’re moving to a new city and need your car as soon as possible, then Expedited Car Shipping is the option for you! Virginia Beach Auto Transport will ensure your new car will meet you at your new destination as swiftly as possible. It helps that our standard transport mode is Door-to-Door.

Contact us Virginia Beach Auto Transport and get the answers to your Expedited Car Shipping questions today!