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Military Vehicle Shipping

Members of our Armed Forces are often required to relocate. It’s a built-in part of the job. Here at Virginia Beach Auto Transport we not only salute their service, but we also offer excellent military vehicle shipping services. It should be noted that not all transport companies offer this service.


Virginia Beach Auto Transport is officially licensed to ship military vehicles within all US states. We make vehicle shipping hassle-free for our customers, and especially those who do their service for our country. This means we offer Door-to-Door auto transport. Essentially, this means we’ll pick up your vehicle outside your home and deliver it out in front of your desired destination.

We deliver military vehicles in the most convenient way possible, but that’s not the only reason to love Virginia Beach Auto Transport. What really makes us the #1 choice for your auto transport needs is that we ship your car expertly at an affordable price. After all, moving is already expensive, don’t add more expenses by overpaying for car shipping.

Virginia Beach Auto Transport

Virginia Beach Auto Transport has one of the best reputations in the business because we deliver both your car and expert customer service! Vehicles transported by us get to their destination free of incident and within the designated time-frame. And when you add in our reasonable rates there’s zero reasons to trust anybody else.

When shipping your Military Vehicle, we offer several types of transport. First, there’s expedited car shipping. This mode of transport is the guaranteed fastest way to move your car. Next, is enclosed car transport. With this method of travel, your vehicle is supremely guarded from the elements of outdoor exposure. Moreover, this includes things like dust and road debris.

It should be noted that not all deliveries can be made directly onto military bases. Generally, military commanders frown on it. Nevertheless, we will drop the vehicle off as near to the front gate as possible.

Contact us today at Virginia Beach Auto Transport. Let us handle any of your Military Vehicle shipping needs!