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In the fast-paced world we live in, change comes all the time. Sometimes without warning. Whether it’s a job out of state, purchasing a car in another city, starting school in another city, or even moving to be closer to family, our lives are always evolving.

Open Car

Each one of these changes may require you to transport your car to the new location. In this event, you’ll want to select the type of transport that best matches your personal needs.

The most common form of car shipping is Open Car Transport. This style simply means you are shipping the car in an open trailer. Not only is it the most used method of car shipping, but it also happens to be the cheapest.

But what’s the point of Open Car Transport? The answer is simple. If you’re planning a cross-country move, isn’t it much easier to ship your car than drive it all that way? This way your car doesn’t suffer all the wear and tear of a long drive.

Sure, there are some risks when shipping your vehicle, but they are minimal when compared to a long drive on busy highways and through unpredictable weather. Car shipping eliminates the potential for problems and saves you time.

There are two main types of auto shipping: open transport and enclosed car transport. The latter option is more expensive but maximizes the level of security. Enclosed keeps out the dust and debris that’s unavoidable out on the open road. Enclosed is primarily recommended for luxury automobiles.

Safety & Security

For most people, the thought of entrusting their automobile transport to a company can be distressing. After all, cars are often people’s most prized possession. However, the truth is less than 5 percent of cars are damaged by shipping companies. It happens very rarely. Compare this fact with the endless things that can go wrong with a car on a cross-country drive.

Also, Virginia Beach Auto Transport ensures all its vehicles and those it ships. The bottom line is if you want to eliminate one concern and save yourself some time Open Car Transport is the way to go.

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