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Snowbird Transport Services

Virginia Beach Auto Transport offers a variety of car delivery services. Snowbird Auto Transport is another convenient method of shipping we happily provide for our loyal clientele. During the busy snowbird seasons, we offer excellent bargains. This includes Expedited Car Shipping from state to state. We understand getting to the sunshine and away from crummy weather and the daily grind is a priority – we’re here for you!

Our team will professionally get your car to the places you go to relax. You’re off for some vacay time and don’t need the headache of wondering if your car will meet you there safely. We’re here to assure you it’ll get there on time and in fine condition. Even if it’s an exotic car.

We understand that when you search online for car transport companies, there’s going to be a bunch who promise “crazy good deals.” Problem is, a lot of these places don’t have the experience to deliver on their claims. They haven’t put the years in to know how properly ship your car in a reasonable time-frame. Your best bet is to trust the pros. Virginia Beach Auto Transport has been doing this for 13 years and runs an efficient, customer-friendly operation.

What exactly is Snowbird Car Transport?

When it’s time for a break from lousy winter conditions, you’ll want to head to your warm weather home. However, you’re not going to want to navigate your own car through unpredictable and dangerous weather. This is exactly when Snowbird Car Transport comes into play.

Forget about the stress of driving through multiple states in dangerous conditions. Instead, ship your car with us. It’ll save time and the worry of putting yourself in harm’s way driving on bad roads. Plus, you’ll be way more comfortable getting around in your own car on vacation than renting a strange one. It doesn’t matter what kind of car you have, we’ll get it there so you can enjoy the sun in the car you know and trust.

Ways to Ship for Our Snowbirds

If you decide to utilize our seasonal snowbird service, we will ship the vehicle in several types of ways. We offer the most common form of shipping, open car shipping. However, we also extend the option of enclosed auto shipping. This choice offers the most comprehensive level of protection. With both of these, we offer door-to-door car transport. This method maximizes convenience so your vacation won’t get interrupted with a long trip to pick up your car.

If Snowbird Car Transport is something you’re curious about, contact us today for more information!